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July 22, 2010




Journal Entry: Thu Jul 22, 2010, 5:08 PM

Hello deviantArt world.
What's going on in yo lives, home fry skillets?

Let's see.. well I graduated from high school!! That's always awesomesauce news. Been pretty bored since then. If I was still in high school I'd be having band camp right now.. *reminiscing sniff* I mostly fill my days with sleeping/doing nothing or babysitting my 9 month old nephew. I couldn't take any photos forever because I lost my battery charger. I got a new one, but now it's so stinkin' hot out there you could fry an egg in 5 seconds, and I don't have any motivation to go outside in the scorching heat and take photos. ^^;

I'm going off to Georgia College & State University come spring. I plan to major in...biology...because I hope to become a veterinarian.... PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!! Haha. I wanted to major in photography but, I just don't think I'm motivated enough. I like it as a hobby, not a job, and I'm worried I'd have a hard time making a living off a photography degree. ^^; I've wanted to be a vet since I was little. I love animals.

My subscription runs out in two months. I'll probably let it run out this time. I'm not active enough on here to justify having a subby anymore. I'll miss having no ads and my cool journal skin + awesome browsing features though. D:

Also, I get to meet FramedByNature next week. First time. :O Scary exciting stuff!! Wish us luck.

I wish it was autumn already...I miss autumn...I'm so sleepy and bored in summer.

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  • Reading: the forest of hands and teeth - carrie ryan
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So it seems you aren't heading to SCAD either?
Glad to see we both got through our final year of school!
hope your summer's been a great one! :)
Yeeeah. It's too expensive and crap. :shrug:

Heck yes, class of '10! :highfive:
My summer's been okay I guess. Been babysitting and being bored mostly. How about you? ^^
haha definitely too expensive.
My summer was pretty good. I tried to find a job but my town wasn't hiring ANYONE!!!
College, for me, is about to start really soon so that's all I have on my mind.
Oh and I saw your journal about you finally meeting your boyfriend. congrats :D
Yeah same here..I live in the middle of nowhere..there's no jobs here. Though I do babysit my baby nephew, for free. (D: )

I don't start college until January due to stupid reasons. so I. am. majorly bored. (another D: )

Thanks! Yes, that makes me happy. I should get to go see him in October. ( :D this time!)

Anyway. You should add me on Facebook. :nod:
WildWinyan Jul 25, 2010   Photographer
awe being an animal dr. is very rewarding work!
I think so :D I just hope I can handle it!
congrats on graduating! and have fun in college :D
Thank ya! I plan on it. :D
BriannaAngelakis Jul 23, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the features!! I really appreciate it!! :hug: :heart:
You're mucho welcome! :)
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